At the meeting with a group of international experts, Georgian Health Minister David Sergeenko made focus on the quality of medical treatments in Georgia.

Government Signs Agreement With International Advisory Group

Within the framework of the EU Association Agreement the government of Georgia has signed a long-term agreement with the international advisory group Global Alliance for Health and Social Compact to bring the country’s health care system in line with European standards.

The document was signed by Minister of Labor, Health and Social Affairs Davit Sergeenko and group coordinator Jean-Elie Malkin.

According to the Healthcare Ministry, the group’s aim is to provide quality healthcare, pricing and availability through new, innovative methods. One of the basic principles will be reduction of healthcare costs with absolute observation of European medical standards.

“The healthcare system is a challenge for all countries and requires periodic renewal and modernization of the primary approaches. Our system is no exception. By moving to a universal healthcare system, we managed to increase one of the most important factors – access to services.

The same success must be achieved in healthcare quality and pricing in order to make this project successful,”- said the Healthcare Minister.

“I am confident that this is a positive step the Georgian government has taken. They once again proved that healthcare is a priority to the state.

Due to the implemented reforms, the population’s standard of living has been significantly improved.

We will work along with Georgian experts to make healthcare reforms successful. This will be an open and transparent process,”- said Jean-Elie Malkin

The group includes healthcare experts who have great experience in global healthcare projects.

According to the signed agreement, the alliance will work to develop a program for enhancing the effectiveness of Georgia’s healthcare system.

იხილეთ ასევე

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